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The writers still use the force at their convenience. What I mean is that if it fits the story at a particular time, then the hero will sense even the slightest nudge of the force even if someone force-farted 5000 years ago in a cave, they will pick it up now because the character needs to enter a tunnel, at other times characters will openly use massive force energies and other more powerful jedi will just go on with their everyday business while whistling a tune.

...and yes I'm referring to Jacen "clouding" Luke only when it is convenient for the story.

They have a pretty good overall branching story (Legacy of the Force), that I presume was brainstormed by a group of people then finetuned to adhere to have the right sw feel and to incorporate heroism, fall from grace, brotherhood, parenthood, current day real world sociopolitical criticism, etc. And then they hire writers to fill out the blanks. And it is in those blanks that sometimes most oftenly; they blow it. Like Leia murdering a wounded soldier in cold blood.

Small annoyances, but things that detract from the overall enjoyment.

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