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Behold, chapter four of Cursum Perficio is up! Read on, my lovely readers, read on!

...Or you could just, you know, not read. That works too. But if you did and left a review, that'd be neat.

Here's a summary for you lucky people:

The attempts at working out Raz's nightmares through the brain tumbler was a total mess, but Raz and Sasha don't have time to worry about that now. One of the campers has been attacked, and she's in no condition to explain anything about her attacker. Our favorite Psychonauts have no choice but to take a look into her mind...but what will they find there?

“Raz,” Oleander groaned. “How many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to sneak in here past security every time you come anymore! You can just come in through the gate! You know, like everyone else?”

“Oh, I know. I just like this way better.”

--Cursum Perficio, chapter two, by Digitaldreamer.
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