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Question Kreia handmaiden's mother?

Do you think that kreia/darth traya is handmaiden's mother?
Ah... yeah i found something on wookiepedia about kreia might be arren kae but i want your opinion any way

I think wookiepedia has some good points like:
-Kreia knows Brianna/handmaiden very well
-Kae is said to be exiled because of the birth of her child, and Kreia to be exiled for Revan's fall but near the end of the game Master Kavar on dantoine says: "I thought you died during the Mandalorian Wars," which would mean that Kreia could not have been exiled for Revan's "fall," since this occured after the Mandalorian Wars.
- The fact that both Kae and Kreia are referenced as being Revan's first master
-Atris's exclamation of "Kreia? That is not her name

there are more but ill not put them all here

So what you think?

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