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Originally Posted by Addlcove
The thing that convinces me is this

Kreia says the Kae is exiled due to the pregnancy, this is a lie. proof is below

Handmaiden says she remembers her father going to war for the sake of her mother, that is, the mandalorian wars, now for her to remember that she would be at least 7, probably older, so Kae at the time of the beginning of the mandalorian wars was still a jedi, yet her daughter 7 years old. if she, as claimed, died in the wars why would the jedi council declare her an exile when they found out about the daugther... that does not match.
As much as I agree with you, this is not proof. Kae was exiled before she went to fight in the Mandalorian Wars, but she had already given birth to Brianna close to a decade before that. The masters did not find out that she was pregnant. They just found out that she had been pregnant or just that she had a child, then they exiled her. Assuming that's the real reason for her exile, which I still doubt. But the timetable alone does not disprove it.

Originally Posted by Addlcove
Mical/disciple says that Revan had many masters, and mentions "master kae, until Kae went to war", so Kae was the last master Revan had before the mandalorian wars, meaning we have evidence she was still a jedi when she went to war.
Sorry, but what he actually says is this:

Disciple: "Many of the Jedi Council trained Exar Kun, Ulic... Revan and Malak. How could they not see the danger they posed? And if they could not......perhaps there was some essential part of their teachings that was flawed. Something beyond the Jedi Code that they were missing. Revan had many Masters. Zhar, Dorak, Master Kae before Kae left for the Wars. Towards the end of his training, he sought out many to learn techniques.It is said that he returned to his first master at the end of his training, in order to learn how he might best leave the order."

"Until" might suggest right up to the point when she left, as you suggest, but Mical really just says "before", which could mean a year or a decade before she left. On the contrary, it seems clear from this comment that Revan's last master was also his first. It would seem obvious that this master is Kreia. Whether she is also Kae is another matter, though Mical also says, "As a Padawan, Revan was trained by Master Kae, before she was exiled."

Originally Posted by Addlcove
Kreia says that revan returned to her for training before the end, now in Kreias view, being a greyhood now, his end would be his fall, meaning the mandalorian wars.
I don't think so. Revan didn't fall just before the Mandalorian Wars, but rather during the wars, closer toward the end.

Originally Posted by Addlcove
now remember that although kreia looks like "an old hag" the Darkside does that to people, sidious as the obvious example.
Agreed. I find any speculation about Kreia's true age to be highly debatable. As Atton says, "She may have been good-looking once, but it takes some hard living to make creases like that."

Originally Posted by Addlcove
Handmaiden is most likely between 20 and 25 (aged 5-10 at the start of the mandalorian wars, add 5 years for the wars and 10 for the exile's exile)
According to Wookieepedia, she is 25 in TSL, given that the game takes place in 3951 BBY.

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