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Originally Posted by Shem
It's funny of the things that come if you think about it.

I went through some old pictures I had and here are some that stick out.

I don't see the resemblance between Brianna and Kreia. No freaking way.
Right. None at all...

Originally Posted by Shem
Kreia beautiful? Oh boy!
Atton: "She may have been good-looking once, but it takes some hard living to make creases like that."

Originally Posted by Manny C
i thought it could be possible, but there are some things that contradict.

Firstly, Kreia didnt say arren kae was exiled because she had brianna, she said it was controversial,
Actually, she does...

Kreia: "You are spending time with the servant of Atris. I knew her mother. She was a Jedi Knight - a master, named Arren Kae. Jedi are forbidden to have children, and when the crime finally came to light almost a decade later, Kae was exiled. She joined the Mandalorian Wars after the shame of her birth was revealed."

Even the Disciple says Kae was exiled:

Disciple: "As a Padawan, Revan was trained by Master Kae, before she was exiled."

I find it more interesting why Kae was exiled. Disciple never says why, nor does the Handmaiden. Only Kreia does.

Originally Posted by Manny C
secondly, Kreia was exiled because she was blamed for Revan due to her teaching, which would mean she had to have been still among the jedi during the mandalorian wars, whereas Arren Kae was among the jedi who went with Revan to fight, and was supposedly killed during the mandalorian wars.
Kreia doesn't give us a specific time for when she was exiled. All she says is this:

Kreia: "If you are to truly understand, then you will need the contrast, not adherence to a single idea. That is why Atris and the others blamed me, sentenced me. They believed me responsible for Revan's fall."

However, we can easily conclude from the meeting with the masters that she was indeed exiled just prior to the Mandalorian Wars on the basis of how they respond to her.

Kavar: "I thought you had died in the Mandalorian Wars..."

Kreia: "Die? No - became stronger, yes."

Vrook: "Is this your new Master, exile? If so, then you follow Revan's path. Her teachings will cause you to fall as surely as he did.We sought to lure the Sith out... and now they have come to us."

None of the masters fought in the war, and indeed exiled all who did. If they thought Kreia had died during the wars, then she would have been exiled just around the same time as Kae. And note that Revan's alleged fall when he decided to go to war is what decides the matter - Revan was a knight right up to the point he and Malak split the order and left to fight the war. If the masters blamed Kreia, then that is exactly the time she would have been exiled.

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