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I have not been here for ages. Surprised that the forum is still up. I have the same problem now, but not until just now. I usually crashed on start up, but I had XP SP2 on one of my other PC's with a 3Dfx Voodoo card that somehow allowed the game to run without errors where my other attempts failed. The PCI Voodoo card died the other night and I installed an old ATI 9800 Pro with the latest 6.9 drivers. I then experienced the same issue as you. Game would start and play ok, but as soon as I exited any mission after the medal was shown, the game would crash, Microsoft would tell me that there was an error to report to them, and I did. Microsoft would respond that there was no known fix and to contact Lucasarts. Yeah, right!!!! I love this game and really hate to give up on it. What are your specs? As I mentioned before, on other XP PC's, I very seldom was ever able to get to the mission. The game was distorted or stopped responding at the hanger.
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