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Originally Posted by Darth Windu
As DarthCarth pointed out, this is spam. Please do not do it again.

Actually I just had a new idea as well. How about instead of having a 'ramship' or something like that, the Consortium can 'upgrade' any of their ships, packing them full of explosives? So basically you've got a Consortium frigate that fights like any other ship. You then pay a certain amount (a percentage of original ship cost) to remove its weapons and pack it with explosives. Then, go into a battle and tell it to attack an enemy ship. Instead of firing, it moves as close as possible and detonates itself.

This removes the need for an obvious suicide-ship, gives the Consortium some more devious play options, and removes the need to have a big battleship which is unrealistic.


An 'explosive ship' is actually a pretty good idea, much better than the 'ramship'. In a way, the Vegeance Frigates and the Aggressors already have this ability though.

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