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Having the ability to disguise the kamikaze ship as any other vessel would give the Consortium a new level of sneakiness, though. And why not ram and explode at the same time? (Anybody see what happened to the Battlestar Pegasus last night? HO-LY crap!)

Here's an idea for implementation: What about a specialized transport ship designed to load other vessels with explosives? To the other factions, this ship would look just like a normal troop transport--totally innocuous and useless in a battle. It would have the special ability, however, of pulling up next to a non-hero Consortium vessel, docking, and loading it up with high-yeild explosives while the original ship's crew transfers to the transport for a quick getaway. The loaded ship now has one and only one purpose: to drive straight at an enemy formation and explode. All other attacks and abilities of that ship would be nullified.

This ability, I think, has the perfect blend of advantages and disadvantages. The Consortium could sneak any vessel it wants into an enemy formation and cause massive disruption and damage, perhaps elimenating key targets in the process, and the enemy would not be able to predict when, where, or how this would happen. On the other hand, the Consortium not only has to sacrifice a combat vessel to do this, but they have to load it up and send it on its one-way trip, giving the enemy a chance to intercept the bombship before it's fully loaded or take it down on its drive into their combat line.

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