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demolition- Hoth, 10% reinforcments- Spawn as rebels in the base, grab a snow speeder and land to the left of the leftest AT-AT. The AI should partially ignore you, and if you land parallel with the AT-At, it will only fire at you if you walk infront of it. From here you can get 4 clean practically unmissable shots at the AT-AT's neck, by which time the reinforcment count should be down to about 2 men aside. just pistol/nuke the remainders and repeat untill medal is yours.

marksman- Mos eisley- Go to the shipyard (obv as a sniper) and go on to. Look towards the East part of the map between the cantina and the top right base. There are 3 turrets inbetween these 2 bases. You can do this on any reinforcement count. Snipe thoses turrets, and then walk along the ridge of the shipyard to the left most base. There will usually be an AI sniper looking at the wall ontop of one of the buildings. Headshot him ( he shouldnt know you are there unless you miss) and then look towards the turrets in the middle of the map. Snipe the ehads of the gunners, and then look to the right again. The gunners in the turrets should be back, asking to be shot. Do it, and theres your marksman award.

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