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I got it today, but I'm sorely disappointed with it.
I am already stuck on the campaign because of a bug (its in the tech help forum)
I like having the new units and some new maps, but there's really hardly anything for them in the end and i think the consortium is a little overpowered in the campaign.

It had so much potential that could of been used to improve it, and its missing really stupid things too.

Why cant it have the galactic conquest missions from EAW vanilla? they may only let the normal two, but id rather that and the few in there. It couldn't of been that hard to put them in there, or let you access them. There should of beena few more in my opinion, maybe one with al the planets and you start off with just one planet per side.

Why aren't the two normal campaigns in there, would it of been too hard to simply disable the new units so you cant use them, so I don't have to restart the whole thing to play them?

How come a bunch of units have tiny descriptions? and the general AI wile playing in skirmish seems dreadfully dull, unless I've never noticed before.

When i downloaded a mod for EAW vanilla, i use to enjoy playing through the campaign with new units, gave it a new spark, but now that the campaigns and a few things are separate its not going to work out the same way.

on a good note, i like the whole corruption thing, its very good, though i think the bribery to get past places is going to get annoying, you could attack at the heart of anywhere now, its a pity they didn't come up with something for the rebels, I think they could of used something like this for the normal game.

I have a few more things, but I'll leave them for now, let other people get there opinions in here.
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