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Well, we've already known that Eclipse wouldn't be useable outside that last mission. It's not like there's a pressing need for her, anyway, she's terribly overpowered.

Originally Posted by EmperorPalpa
I have a questions for you (i'm from Poland and here FOC will be realased at 10 November):
1. Is the Eclipse normal moving unit or background unit like the death star ?
2. Can Darth Vader and all Sith/Jedi heroes kill all troop squad by one slash ?
3. How can i get Executor ?
4. If the Eclipse is "normal" how many hardpoints it have ?

I'll be very happy if you will answer some of the questions.
I. She's on the map, but she has no hardpoints and can't move. She just has a superlaser.

II. I imagine so. I saw Yoda flip through a squad of stormtroopers and kill them with one spin.

III. You have to 'purchase' Lord Vader from a Level 5 Space Station at Tech Level 5 for 15000 credits.

IV. None, see above.
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