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I'm loving FoC. I have been playing the campaign slowly so that I can enjoy it longer. Most of my time has been spent playing a SP GC game and also playing an occasional MP skirmish game.

SP GC is SOOOOO much improved now when compared to regular EaW. I'm playing as the Rebs and the empire and consortium are giving me a run for my money on medium difficulty. The Empire is actually building ISDs :O and the consortium is corrupting both Rebel and Empire planets left and right all while sabotaging us to no end. I am also under constant attack, which makes it difficult to maintain a strong fleet. I love it because it is actually a challenge now!

The MP skirmish games are also very nice. I love playing Reb vs Emp vs Consortium. So far I think things are pretty balanced and I LOVE being able to save a replay of the battle.

I just have two complaints so far: 1) what happened to Kyle and Mara? 2) When Boba drops a sonic bomb in space battles, the graphic for the rotating bomb remains on screen even after it detonates. This isn't a game stopper but it is annoying, especially after boba dropps multiple bombs.

Petro, FoC gets a 9 out of 10 in my book. You guys did an EXCELLENT job!

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