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With a leap I clashed with Skywalker, his power much greater than my own. In turn he blocked and attack both Gandon and I. A swift force push threw me to the ground and I slid across the floor.
The younglings stood awkardly in the open elevator, not quite sure what to do. I activated the controls and closed the door.
"Master, we cannot delay, we must leave!" I cried out to Gandon delivering another flurry of strike to Anakin's seemingly perfect defence. "If we delay the others for any longer they will be crushed in the hangar!"

Anakin stopped. My tongue had slipped.
"The hangar eh?" Anakin taunted and reached for his commlink. Gandon swiftly grabbed it and stuck it down with his sabre.
"So be it," Anakin said quietly and advanced towards the spare elevator.

"Quickly Master, we must make haste!" I said with urgency and entered the elevator with the younglings.

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