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I took my last few glances at our home and regretfully strided out onto the landing platform and into the ship. It was a small cruiser just large enough to accommodate us all. The younglings settled in for the trip while Gandon and I joined the other jedi in the cockpit for a briefing. Two other knights and a master had made it into the ship with us.
Gandon and I introduced ourselves and shared our story of how we came to be here.

"So who's going to fly this thing?" I queried. We all looked at each other for a second.
"Well we all know how to fly, it's just the question of who's willing to," added the other master, known as Klagen Vest.

"So we take it in turns, shifts more like it," suggested one of the knights.
"Done," I added. "I'll need to settle the younglings first but I could join one of you on the second shift."
"We may have bigger problems.." Klagen added. A squadron of ARC-170s had begun pursuing the cruiser. With no attempt to contact us and order us to land they begun firing their blasters at us.
"Hang on!" I shouted.

(We can start a new thread if you want to, it would give a chance to have a fresh start)

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