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that didnt last because i
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what do i say

hm, how about what the hell

Now listen this is good. Really good. My problem is with Smon. I don't really see why one story gets stickied for being good - I've never seen why Da Vinci and Picasso were shown in art history class rooms - I've never seen why the Top 40 songs get chosen. Nothing is objectively good. There are probably as many people who think this sucks as there are who love it. Unless it's objective, like a writing guide or a list of all current stories, I don't really see a point in stickying it. It's nice. The crazy fans can bump it up here anyway. All the crap writers weep into their sleeves without the help of a story that's better than theirs will ever be thrust forcefully into the public eye. There's no real need to pick one from the crowd.

I would keep being pseudointellectual but i'm hungry ok ok bye

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