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Smile Good Kotor cheats

If you gus want all the good Kotor cheats here they are. Made this myself. You can also see all every console command if you press tab when the console is up.
(I am a huge Star Wars nerdb)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Cheat Codes

Cheat mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "swkotor.ini" file in the game folder. Scroll to the "GAME OPTIONS" section and add the following line:

Save the file and start the game. Press ~ during game play to display the console window then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press [Tab] to list all console commands.

Miscellaneous codes:
Effect Code
Set "Computer Use" skill setcomputeruse <10-999>
Set "Demolitions" skill setdemolitions <10-999>
Set "Stealth" skill setstealth <10-999>
Set "Awareness" skill setawareness <10-999>
Set "Persuade" skill setpursuade <10-999>
Set "Repair" skill setrepair <10-999>
Set "Security" skill setsecurity <10-999>
Set "Strength" skill setstrength <10-999>
Set "Dexterity" skill setdexteriry <10-999>
Set "Constitution" skill setconstitution <10-999>
Set "Intelligence" skill setintelligence<10-999>
Set "Wisdom" skill setwisdom <10-999>
Set "Charisma" skill setcharisma <10-999>
Set "Awareness" skill setawareness <10-999>
Set "Treat Injury" skill settreatinjury <10-99>
Add indicated number of levels addlevel <number>
Add indicated number of experience points addexp <number>
Invincibility invulnerability
Add the indicated number of Light Side points addlightside <number>
Add the indicated number of Dark Side points adddarkside <number>
Full map revealmap
Get indicated number of credits givecredits <number>
Spawn indicated item giveitem <item name>
Spawn medpacks givemed
Spawn repair packs giverepair
Spawn computer spikes givecomspikes
Spawn Sith Armor give sith armor <number>
Heal selected party member's health and Force points heal
Press W or S to move faster; repeat to disable turbo
Brightens screen; not recommended for certain areas bright
Unknown turbo <number>
Unknown restartminigame
Travel to indicated map warp <map name>
One use items never expire infiniteuses
List player's position on current map in Cartesian coordinates whereami
Turn Malak into a dancing Twi'lek in the last fight dancedancemalak


Item codes:
Use one of the following codes with the giveitem code.
Item name Item code
Combat Suit g_a_class4001
Zabrak Suit g_a_class4002
Echani Light Armor g_a_class4003
Cinnagar Weave Armor g_a_class4004
Massassi Ceremonial Armor g_a_class4005
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor g_a_class4006
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor g_a_class4007
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor g_a_class4008
Echani Fiber Armor g_a_class4009
Heavy Combat Suit g_a_class5001
Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit g_a_class5002
Zabrak Battle Armor g_a_class5003
Zabrak Field Armor g_a_class5004
Reinforced Fiber Armor g_a_class5005
Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit g_a_class5006
Eriadu Prototype Armor g_a_class5007
Eriadu Prototype Armor g_a_class5008
Eriadu Prototype Armor g_a_class5009
Republic Mod Armor g_a_class5010
Military Suit g_a_class6001
Echani Battle Armor g_a_class6002
Cinnagar War Suit g_a_class6003
Verpine Fiber Mesh g_a_class6004
Arkanian Bond Armor g_a_class6005
Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit g_a_class6006
Davik's War Suit g_a_class6007
Davik's War Suit g_a_class6008
Davik's War Suit g_a_class6009
Light Battle Armor g_a_class7001
Bronzium Light Battle Armor g_a_class7002
Powered Light Battle Armor g_a_class7003
Krath Heavy Armor g_a_class7004
Krath Holy Battle Suit g_a_class7005
Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor g_a_class7006
Battle Armor g_a_class8001
Powered Battle Armor g_a_class8002
Cinnagar Plate Armor g_a_class8003
Mandalorian Armor g_a_class8004
Calo Nord's Battle Armor g_a_class8005
Calo Nord's Battle Armor g_a_class8006
Calo Nord's Battle Armor g_a_class8007
Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh g_a_class8009
Heavy Battle Armor g_a_class9001
Durasteel Heavy Armor g_a_class9002
Mandalorian Battle Armor g_a_class9003
Mandalorian Heavy Armor g_a_class9004
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit g_a_class9005
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit g_a_class9006
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit g_a_class9007
Cassus Fett's Battle Armor g_a_class9009
Mandalorian Assault Armor g_a_class9010
Cassus Fett's Battle Armor g_a_class9011
Jedi Robe g_a_jedirobe01
Brown Jedi Robe g_a_jedirobe01
Black Dark Jedi Robe g_a_jedirobe02
Red Jedi Robe g_a_jedirobe03
Blue Jedi Robe g_a_jedirobe04
Blue Dark Jedi Robe g_a_jedirobe05
Qel-Droma Robes g_a_jedirobe06
Brown Jedi Knight Robe g_a_kghtrobe01
Black Dark Jedi Knight Robe g_a_kghtrobe02
Red Jedi Knight Robe g_a_kghtrobe03
Blue Jedi Knight Robe g_a_kghtrobe04
Blue Dark Jedi Knight Robe g_a_kghtrobe05
Brown Jedi Master Robe g_a_mstrrobe01
Black Dark Jedi Master Robe g_a_mstrrobe02
Red Jedi Master Robe g_a_mstrrobe03
Blue Jedi Master Robe g_a_mstrrobe04
Blue Dark Jedi Master Robe g_a_mstrrobe05
Darth Revan's Robes g_a_mstrrobe06
Star Forge Robes g_a_mstrrobe07
Cardio Regulator g_i_belt001
Verpine Cardio Regulator g_i_belt002
Adrenaline Amplifier g_i_belt003
Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier g_i_belt004
Nerve Amplifying Belt g_i_belt005
Sound Dampening Stealth Unit g_i_belt006
Advanced Stealth Unit g_i_belt007
Eriadu Stealth Unit g_i_belt008
Calrissian's Utility Belt g_i_belt009
Stealth Field Generator g_i_belt010
Adrenaline Stimulator g_i_belt011
CNS Strength Enhancer g_i_belt012
Electrical Capacitance Charge g_i_belt013
Thermal Shield Generator g_i_belt014
Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot001
Battle stimulant g_i_cmbtshot001
Hyper Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot002
Echani Battle Stimulant g_i_cmbtshot003
Droid Light Plating Type 1 g_i_drdltplat001
Droid Medium Plating Type 1 g_i_drdmdplat001
Droid Medium Plating Type 1 g_i_drdmdplat001
Advanced Repair Kit g_i_drdrepeqp002
Security Interface Tool g_i_drdsecspk001
Advanced Flame Thrower g_i_drdutldev007
Verpine Prototype shields g_i_frarmbnds<01-09>
Strength Gauntlet g_i_gauntlet01
Eriadu Strength Gauntlets g_i_gauntlet02
Sith Power Gauntlets g_i_gauntlet03
Stabilizer Gauntlets g_i_gauntlet04
Bothan Machinist Gloves g_i_gauntlet05
Verpine Bond Gauntlets g_i_gauntlet06
Dominator Gauntlets g_i_gauntlet07
Karaken Gauntlets g_i_gauntlet08
Infilitrator Gloves g_i_gauntlet09
Gizka poison g_i_gizkpois001
Cardio Package g_i_implant101
Response Package g_i_implant102
Memory Package g_i_implant103
Done g_i_implant104
Biotech Package g_i_implant201
Retinal Combat Implant g_i_implant202
Nerve Enhancement Package g_i_implant203
The Party Selection Screen Available g_i_implant204
Bavakar Cardio Package g_i_implant301
Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package g_i_implant302
Bavakar Memory Chip g_i_implant303
Bio-Antidote Package g_i_implant304
Cardio Power System g_i_implant305
Gordulan Reaction System g_i_implant306
Navaradon Regenerator g_i_implant307
Sith Regenerator g_i_implant308
Beemon Package g_i_implant309
Cyber Reaction System g_i_implant310
Light-scan Visor g_i_mask01
Motion Detection Goggles g_i_mask02
Bothan Perception Visor g_i_mask03
Verpine Ocular Enhancer g_i_mask04
Bothan Sensory Visor g_i_mask05
Vacuum Mask g_i_mask06
Sonic Nullifiers g_i_mask07
Aural Amplifier g_i_mask08
Advanced Aural Amplifier g_i_mask09
Neural Band g_i_mask10
verpine Headband g_i_mask11
Breath Mask g_i_mask12
Teta's Royal Band g_i_mask13
Sith Mask g_i_mask14
Stabilizer Mask g_i_mask15
Interface Band g_i_mask16
Demolitions Sensor g_i_mask17
Combat Sensor g_i_mask18
Stealth Field Enhancer g_i_mask19
Stealth Field Reinforcement g_i_mask20
Interface Visor g_i_mask21
Circlet of Saresh g_i_mask22
Pistol Targeting Optics g_i_mask23
Heavy Targeting Optics g_i_mask24
Life Support Pack g_i_medeqpmnt03
Parts g_i_parts01
Minor flash mine g_i_trapkit001
Average flash mine g_i_trapkit002
Deadly flash mine g_i_trapkit003
Minor frag mine g_i_trapkit004
Average frag mine g_i_trapkit005
Deadly frag mine g_i_trapkit006
Minor plasma mine g_i_trapkit007
Average plasma mine g_i_trapkit008
Deadly plasma mine g_i_trapkit009
Minor gas mine g_i_trapkit010
Average gas mine g_i_trapkit011
Deadly gas mine g_i_trapkit012
Scope upgrade g_i_upgrade001
Improved Energy Cell upgrade g_i_upgrade002
Beam Splitter upgrade g_i_upgrade003
Hair Trigger upgrade g_i_upgrade004
Armor Reinforcement upgrade g_i_upgrade005
Mesh Underlay upgrade g_i_upgrade006
Vibration Cell upgrade g_i_upgrade007
Durasteel Bonding Alloy upgrade g_i_upgrade008
Energy Projector upgrade g_i_upgrade009
Adhesive grenade g_w_adhsvgren001
Blaster Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn001
Sith Assault Gun g_w_blstrcrbn002
Cinnagaran Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn003
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn004
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn005
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn006
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn007
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn008
Jurgan Kalta's Carbine g_w_blstrcrbn009
Blaster Pistol g_w_blstrpstl001
Mandalorian Blaster g_w_blstrpstl002
Arkanian Pistol g_w_blstrpstl003
Zabrak Blaster Pistol g_w_blstrpstl004
Bendak's Blaster g_w_blstrpstl005
Bendak's Blaster g_w_blstrpstl006
Bendak's Blaster g_w_blstrpstl007
Bendak's Blaster g_w_blstrpstl008
Bendak's Blaster g_w_blstrpstl009
Carth's Blaster g_w_blstrpstl010
Insta kill pistol g_w_blstrpstl020
Blaster Rifle g_w_blstrrfl001
Sith Sniper Rifle g_w_blstrrfl002
Mandalorian Assault Rifle g_w_blstrrfl003
Zabrak Battle Cannon g_w_blstrrfl004
Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle g_w_blstrrfl005
Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle g_w_blstrrfl006
Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle g_w_blstrrfl007
Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle g_w_blstrrfl008
Jurgan Kalta's Assault Rifle g_w_blstrrfl009
Bowcaster g_w_bowcstr001
Zaalbar's Bowcaster g_w_bowcstr002
Chuundar's Bowcaster g_w_bowcstr003
Cryo grenade g_w_cryobgren001
Blue double light saber g_w_dblsbr001
Red double light saber g_w_dblsbr002
Green double light saber g_w_dblsbr003
Yellow double light saber g_w_dblsbr004
Purple double light saber g_w_dblsbr005
Bastila's light saber g_w_dblsbr006
Blue Double Light Saber g_w_dblsbr01
Double-Bladed Sword g_w_dblswrd001
Echani Ritual Brand g_w_dblswrd002
Krath Double Sword g_w_dblswrd003
Ajunta Pall's Blade g_w_dblswrd005
Disruptor Rifle g_w_dsrptfl001
Disruptor Pistol g_w_dsrptpstl001
Mandalorian Ripper g_w_dsrptpstl002
Gaffi Stick g_w_gaffi001
Hold-out blaster g_w_hldoblstr01
Bothan quick draw blaster g_w_hldoblstr02
Sith assassin pistol g_w_hldoblstr03
Bothan needler g_w_hldoblstr04
Heavy Repeating Blaster g_w_hvrptbltr01
Mandalorian Heavy Repeater g_w_hvrptbltr02
Heavy blaster g_w_hvyblstr01
Arkanian heavy blaster g_w_hvyblstr02
Zabrak Tystel Mark III blaster g_w_hvyblstr03
Mandalorian Heavy Blaster g_w_hvyblstr04
Cassus Fett's Heavy Blaster g_w_hvyblstr05
Cassus Fett's Heavy Blaster g_w_hvyblstr06
Cassus Fett's Heavy Blaster g_w_hvyblstr07
Cassus Fett's Heavy Blaster g_w_hvyblstr08
Cassus Fett's Heavy Blaster g_w_hvyblstr09
Ion Blaster g_w_ionblstr01
Verpine Prototype Ion Blaster g_w_ionblstr02
Ion Rifle g_w_ionrfl01
Bothan Droid Disruptor g_w_ionrfl02
Verpine Droid Disruptor g_w_ionrfl03
Blue light saber g_w_lghtsbr01
Red light saber g_w_lghtsbr02
Green light saber g_w_lghtsbr03
Yellow light saber g_w_lghtsbr04
Purple light saber g_w_lghtsbr05
Darth Malak's light saber g_w_lghtsbr06
Long Sword g_w_lngswrd01
Krath War Blade g_w_lngswrd02
Naga Sadow's Poison Blade g_w_lngswrd03
Quarter Staff g_w_qtrstaff01
Massassi Battle Staff g_w_qtrstaff02
Raito's Gaderffii g_w_qtrstaff03
Light Repeating Blaster g_w_rptnblstr01
Medium Repeating Blaster g_w_rptnblstr02
Blaster Cannon g_w_rptnblstr03
Rubat lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl01
Damind lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl02
Eralam lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl03
Sapith lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl04
Nextor lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl05
Opila lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl06
Jenruax lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl07
Phond lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl08
Luxum lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl09
Firkrann lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl10
Bondar lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl11
Sigil lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl12
Upari lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl13
Blue lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl14
Yellow lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl15
Green lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl16
Violet lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl17
Red lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl18
Solari lightsaber crystal g_w_sbrcrstl19
Blue short light saber g_w_shortsbr01
Red short light saber g_w_shortsbr02
Green short light saber g_w_shortsbr03
Yellow short light saber g_w_shortsbr04
Purple short light saber g_w_shortsbr05
Short Sword g_w_shortswrd01
Massassi Brand g_w_shortswrd02
Teta's Blade g_w_shortswrd03
Sonic Pistol g_w_sonicpstl01
Bothan Shrieker g_w_sonicpstl02
Sonic Rifle g_w_sonicrfl01
Bothan Discord Gun g_w_sonicrfl02
Arkanian Sonic Rifle g_w_sonicrfl03
Thermal Detonator g_w_thermldet01
Vibro Double Blade g_w_vbrdblswd01
Sith War Sword g_w_vbrdblswd02
Echani Double-Brand g_w_vbrdblswd03
Yusanis' Brand g_w_vbrdblswd04
Yusanis' Brand g_w_vbrdblswd05
Yusanis' Brand g_w_vbrdblswd06
Yusanis' Brand g_w_vbrdblswd07
Vibroblade g_w_vbroshort01
Krath Blood Blade g_w_vbroshort02
Echani Vibroblade g_w_vbroshort03
Sanasiki's Blade g_w_vbroshort04
Sanasiki's Blade g_w_vbroshort05
Sanasiki's Blade g_w_vbroshort06
Sanasiki's Blade g_w_vbroshort07
Mission's Vibroblade g_w_vbroshort08
Prototype Vibroblade g_w_vbroshort09
VibroSword g_w_vbroswrd01
Krath Dire Sword g_w_vbroswrd02
Sith Tremor Sword g_w_vbroswrd03
Echani Foil g_w_vbroswrd04
Bacca's Ceremonial Blade g_w_vbroswrd05
Bacca's Ceremonial Blade (Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry) Attack Mod +5, +1-6 Electric g_w_vbroswrd06
Bacca's Ceremonial Blade (Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry) Attack Mod +5, +1-8 Electric g_w_vbroswrd07
Bacca's Ceremonial Blade (Requires: Melee, Critical Strike, Flurry) Attack Mod +5, +2-12 Electric g_w_vbroswrd08
Gamorrean Battleaxe Gaffi Sticks g_w_waraxe001
Wookie Warblade g_w_warblade001
Light Exoskeleton g1_a_class5001
Baragwin Shadow armor g1_a_class5002
Environmental Bastion Armor g1_a_class6001
Heavy Exoskeleton g1_a_class8001
Baragwin Stealth Unit g1_i_belt001
Advanced droid interface g1_i_drdcomspk01
Composite heavy plating g1_i_drdhvplat01
Baragwin Droid shield g1_i_drdshld001
Baragwin flamethrower g1_i_drdutldev01
Baragwin stun ray g1_i_drdutldev02
Baragwin shield disruptor g1_i_drdutldev03
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves g1_i_gauntlet01
Advanced Senseory Implant g1_i_implant301
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant g1_i_implant302
Advanced Combat Implant g1_i_implant303
Advanced Alacrity g1_i_implant304
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask g1_i_mask01
Medical Interface Visor g1_i_mask02
Advance Agent Interface g1_i_mask03
Guardian of the Force g1_w_dblsbr001
Mantle of the Force g1_w_dblsbr002
Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster g1_w_hvrptbltr01
Guardian of the Force g1_w_lghtsbr01
Mantle of the Force g1_w_lghtsbr02
Baragwin Assault Gun g1_w_rptnblstr01
Heart of the Guardian (Gold) lightsaber crystal g1_w_sbrcrstl20
Mantle of the Force (Aqua) lightsaber crystal g1_w_sbrcrstl21
Guardian of the Force g1_w_shortsbr01
Mantle of the Force g1_w_shortsbr02
GenoHardan Mesh Armor geno_armor
GenoHardan Poison Blade geno_blade
GenoHardan Blaster geno_blaster
Genoharadan Datapad geno_datapad
GenoHardan Power Gloves geno_gloves
GenoHardan Stealth Unit geno_stealth
GenoHardan Visor geno_visor
Rough cut Upari Crystal kas25_wookcrysta
Rakghoul Serum ptar_rakghoulser
Sith base passcard ptar_sbpasscrd
Sith Armor ptar_sitharmor
Sand People clothing tat17_sandperdis
Kryaat Dragon Pearl tat18_dragonprl

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