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My first impression is so-so.

Firstly, the campaign is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. So well written and the missions make a brilliant change from the orginal EAW all-out-conflict. And the finale mission was brilliant.

I'm VERY disappointed the Eclipse was not included fully in the game, bar as a special weapon for one mission. Whilst one could argue the Death Star II fills that capacity, I disagree. Also not pleased that the Eclipse lacks any kind of hard points anyway - I'm not saying it needs to have weapons for unbalancing reasons, but it should have shield generations, engines etc. I'm also extremely disappointed in the lack of new ships for the Rebellion, even though I normaly play the Empire.

I love the fact we can now customise what units we deploy entirely, as opposed to having to basicaly send our ships on suicide runs so we can deploy more capital ships. Love the Executor, however, I fully believe it should of become Piett's new ship and have him bumped up to Tech 5, and replacing the Accuser's slot entirely with Thrawn.

Love the Corruption system, except it annoys me to no end that it seems to make the Consortium overpowered. Also really annoyed that the consortium is capable of destroying the Death Star and subsequently an extremely valuable planet... (well, I think so, given the fact it randomly exploded on me at one point during GC).

Also, Vader's voice is horrific. It sounds like his life support unit has been filled with hydrochloric acid. And you can barely hear what he says on the Executor.

Anyhow, my first impressions.
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