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Originally Posted by lordzack
I think the Rebellion is pretty good. You just have to use them right. The bugs are annoying, but the game is still playable.
I keep hearing about this old chestnut, 'just use them right'. You can't use them right, because petro have not provided that ability. I have no option to steal stuff, nor do I have the option of doing meaningful hit and runs (both were standard rebel tactics in the canon). All the options I have are using various combos of daft units and it basically degenerates into simply hurling more and more reinforcements at the enemy. Whereas in the original EaW, I could at least match a fleet if I used the right tactics - now half the fire I take goes right through shields, so they are pointless.

And as if to prove my point, I just tried a rebel orbital strike, which proceeded to pound the ground with pretty blue lights that did sweet FA. I assumed that this was yet another bug - imagine my surprise when I found that it's actually intentional, and they are Ion Cannon blasts. Why in christ's name do the rebels, specifically, only shoot those? Why am I not given the option to use turbolasers? Am I to assume that I suffer a fleetwide laser malfunction and all I've got left are Ions? It's this kind of meaningless rubbish that have made me throughly disappointed with the exp pack.
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