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Originally Posted by Darth Ablett
I was going to post something in this thread, but this pretty much sums it up. Great post, btw.

Imperial Star Destroyers should be better. I don't care about XML, I care about out of the box balance. For gameplay reasons, I'm fine with the Mon Cals having better shielding, and even the advantage of no specific hardpoint. The ISD should however, completely eclipse the Mon Cal in arnament and hull armour. Warship vs converted liner, you do the maths. In ship-to-ship combat, it should be no contest 1-on-1.
Actually, it's not that simple. The design of the Mon Cal cruiser was vastly superior to the ISD - mainly due to the fact that the Mon Cals are simply better designers and ship-builders than humans when it comes to cap ships. The ISD *never* 'completely eclipsed' the mon cal - even the imperials admitted to that. In actual fact, the mon cal was substantially tougher than the ISD due to it's design (redundant shields, compartments etc), and they were much more manueverable - partially due to their smaller size and better engines, but also due to the fact that Mon Calamari are just plain better cap ship pilots). The only thing which the ISD had over the mon cal ships was sheer firepower - it had more guns. Hence, I think the ISD in EaW should get more guns.

But at the end of the day, 'Warship vs converted liner' is inaccurate. 'Warship of inferior design vs converted liner of vastly superior design' is much more accurate.

As for the Consortium, having powerful large ships is ok, but I think these should be grossly deficient in certain areas, or in limited supply. A full fleet of ISD analogues owned by 1 guy? I know gameplay > realism (fantasy story), but that's stretching it.
Yeah, I've hd enough of seeing two Mon Cals or, as I've just seen Thrawn and a vanilla ISD 0wned by those WTFPWNING-class battleships or whatever they're called...

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