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I ended up playing the Expansion on a friend's computer. As many people know, I am not an advocate for EAW in any way. What I did like about the Expansion is that it gave EAW variety. There are some unbalanced issues that needs to be addressed.

I am not too thrilled with the game in general, but I do believe that the expansion livens things up a bit. I am glad to see more ships and content. I can see myself playing this on rainy days.

To be very honest, I think Lucas Arts is now over pricing their games. EAW and FOC are just way overpriced for my taste. That is just me.

$49.99 - For the main EAW game.
$29.99 - For the expansion pack.

I see higher quality games run in this pattern:

$39.99 - For the main game. (Sometimes: $29.99)
$19.99 - For the expansion.

If the price was more buyer friendly, I can see myself picking up the expansion. Taxes drives the price even higher, so I am glade other companies are logical. Once the price comes down to $19.99, I will probally buy the expansion. After spending $49.99 on the main game, they won't get anything over $20.00 for the expansion. Truthfully, EAW and FOC should have been one game for $39.99.

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