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Reaching Out

As long as I can remember I have considered this group of people to be a second family. A place to go that is away from home that is still just as good, although rather crazy at points. And in times of trouble and sorrow we always turn to those we trust and care about, and where we feel welcome. I hope that you will all hear me out at least please.

I have just recently found that my best friend who has had cancer has taken a turn for the worse. Apparently he has anywhere from 14 days to 4 months to live. It is quite a shock of course and very hard to deal with in a friend so close and so young. As far as he has told me though, there is really nothing medically that can be done for him anymore.

At this point really a miracle is all we can wish for. I have forunately never really had to do something of this nature before but please, I beg you, whatever god you believe in, just please pray for his well being and the hope of recovery. I know it seems strange and abliet somewhat childish to hope that it may work in any small way, but just a few more minutes could be precious. I thank you all for listening and I hope that you please keep him in your thoughts.


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