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Originally Posted by Naso
Yeah, but after the war they would have been manufactured as dedicated warships. Superior engineering and backup systems make things work a bit longer when there are holes in the hull, but do not negate the actual holes.
Yes using the latest 'liberated' imperial tech! :P The fact the New Republic continued to use 2 captured ISDs tells me they werent that crap to simply melt down and make hydro-spanners out of.

Im not saying that the mon cal is a bad ship. Its a testiment to the skill of the mon cals that they could take a ship designed for cruising/space exploration and beauty, and turn it into something capable of going up against the pinnacle of galactic military technology.

Any capital ships bridge, unless embedded deep with the hull, which no SW ship to my knowledge is designed in such a way, is vulnerable. A mon cal is equally vulnerable to a gutsy TIE Bomber pilot. Naso was DEAD right about how shields are downplayed; I believe not just in this game but other games as well (in the simulator series the shields recharge at a ridiculously slow rate if at all!) If the shields on the cap ships reflected the strength they had in the movies they would take half an hour to give out; thats about how long the space battle of endor went for with caps ships. Once the shields are down these ships take serious damage so shields were VERY important; and another point; from all the info about SW tech ive read each ship has two types of shielding, particle and ray, which stop energy and physical impacts; which is why I was surprised playing EaW for the first time and seeing torps go straight through shields.

As for Imperial doctrine; the Death Stars never really got the chance to prove they could subjugate resistance by their mere presence because the rebs blew them up straight away! If the first death star had of survived and it arrived on another planets doorstep, after the Alderaan demonstration, im sure the populace would be singing the praises of Palpatine even if they hated him. The Imps were able to achieve this to a lesser extent because of their 25000 or so ISDs. Power Projection. Folks in the US should know what I mean, thats basically what your carrier fleet does. The half finished death star - if the rebs didnt close in with the Imperial fleet they would have been picked off one by one. The fact that they DIDNT take out the rebel flagship first go like I would have shows their arrogance and that they thought the rebel attack was a non event; and Thrawn; well its lucky he was in the outer rim and not working directly under Vader because the man had a temper and all it would take was for Thrawn to screw up a couple of times, or once in a big way and he would have been dead too. Working for Vader was a very dangerous assignment and not worth the rapid promotion prospects me thinks.

One last thing; I know thanks to X-wing and the scene in ROTJ everyone thinks the shield generators are atop of the tower however these were originally stated to be sensors, which makes more sense. It would be a retarted design flaw to have such important systems so vulnerable, although If these were indeed shield generators the designers may have thought the ISDs shields would be enough to protect it long enough for the ship to deal with its attacker(s). I have seen diagrams and blueprints stating these are different things but the only way we will get a definative answer, if you dont believe what someone from ILM said who probably talked to Lucas about it, is to ask Lucas himself. Check out this link and pay particular attention to the Cinefex Proof section.
The destruction of the globe infers the shields have been taken out but it may also just represent the massed attack on the Executor by the Rebels. What else could they blow up or off the Executor to show it was getting hammered??
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