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Perhaps about the towers. As a kid though I got all the little Lucas Arts tech dealies that emphasized the role of the fighters in protecting the towers. It doesn't make sense, but it was sort of fun, and would have been balanced if the cap-ships in the x-wing games hadn't been so completely underpowered against fighters, (and too small). The whole xwing series did go back and forth on whether you could destroy parts of ships before their shields were down. Didn't happen in XvT I believe. That the executor was big enough to need multiple shields so that you could concentreate on the bridge-shield makes sense to me though. Basically, I just really want the ISD to be powerful, and it wasn't until the new republic that they could make ground-up dedicated warships. Home One was supposed to also be exceptional in shielding if I recall, and larger than other mon cal's to be a carrier sort, rather than a direct battleship.
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