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Yes the Imps got a rude shock at the fighting power of Mon Cal and its squadrons, since lets not forget how important star fighters were to rebel tactics. Even if they were not as powerful as in the simulator games fighters still did most of the fighting. Mon Cals would have always had other ships in support too, not simply floating around on their own, and to lesser extent ISDs, so an ISD and a MC in a straight fight would not have been common. With its supporting ships and starfighter dominance one Mon Cal would be a threat to an ISD. I find the executor still fairly weak. Its shields are not very strong and its hardpoints are spaced far enough that you can deal with them before the hulk lumbers close enough to bring multiple weapons to bear.

Ill say one thing that sprung to mind about the rebs using the Mon Cal as a basis for the MC-90 etc....given the psychological factor as spoken about, even if the ISD was vastly superior, would it have looked good for the New Republic if they started cruising around in one of the Emperor's greatest terror weapons, a vessel symbolic of the Empire known for decimating worlds? Hardly. Thats some bad PR.

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