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oooo, ill have to get on this one now that ive got some time to kill... i havent loaded the game yet so im still not sure how much of this is the same as EaW in terms of screen captures and tga's in really off the wall folders... soon as i figure it out ill be back here with some goodies to share

and DM... i just noticed the other day on the main site that you had a screen of the day feature (it mainly cuaght my attention cause it was one of my pics) and was wondering how long youve had this feature going? (i know, im very slow, havent been much of an internet junky for a good while now, didnt even know FoC was out yet til i was in walmart the other day and saw it on the shelf) and to let you know ill be getting back into the game and maybe taking some nice pics while i work on my long overdue sw: rebellion mod... laters yall
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