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Originally Posted by factor5
In Catalyst 6.11 & 6.13beta I read there is a fix for the "swithing to 640x480 mode" problem in some games...probably causing the famous issue in Rogue Squadron 3D (as you could see in the "readme" file of this one).

Do you wanna try the latest release of Catalyst?

I know that 6.11's are somewhat buggy and that a second beta release of 6.12 is floating around as the first beta was buggy. It seems as though ATI releases a really good release right around christmas as the 13th release of the year. I remember the 5.13's were a really good stable release last year. I am going to upgrade to either the 6.12 or 6.13 final anyway. Holding off on the 6.11's. All of mine and my son's games work good with the 6.09's except for Star Wars of course. Our normal desktop screen is 1024 X 768. Where does the 640 X 480 fit in? I have ran Nascar 3 in 640 X 480 mode with no problems. Hmmm, maybe I need to dig around in the graphics settings department. Some games need a line in a .ini file changed to another character as do some Need For Speed games a few years ago. I looked at Rogue Squadron files and nothing struck me as being a possible answer in theat department. Will try a newer set of drivers later on.
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