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I have a solution, its knocked together quickly and it isnt pretty, but it works.
I've only tested this with the demo, but I'm assuming it'll be ok with the full game.

1) Download Afterlife Explorer - an app I've just made quickly.
2) Download my Resource file creator/dumper tool.
3) Load Afterlife Explorer
4) Open the .000 file
5) Click 'dump all'
6) Open the folder in which you dumped the files
7) All the audio files will be prefixed with 'SOUND - ' drag all these sound files into a new folder.
8) Load resource file creator/dumper
9) Drag the folder with the sounds in into the right hand window
10) Click compile and choose to create a lab file
11) Open the lab file in SCUMM Revisited 2 - you can now play/convert the speech and music.

Essentially what this is doing is dumping the sound files and then putting them into a new container file that ScummRev will recognise. The sound files are in creative labs voice file format - ScummRev can decode these files.

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