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Kotor 2: stuck in Ebon Hawk!

hi,and sorry if there's aready a post like this one!

But here's my problem:
I'm stuck in Ebon Hawk, after the secret jedi place on telos...
And i have suddenly a new girl in my ship? one of the handmaidens!
Now all i can do is talk to the handmaiden,Bao-Dur,Atton and Kreia..and parts of the Ebon Hawk is missing,like 'Kreias room' is gone..there is just a black wall where the 'door' is supposed to be! and there are like 4-5 other black walls/parts in the Ebon Hawk as well!
Nothing else but talking seems to, any idea what to do?
and when i save in Ebon Hawk,the game freeze when trying to load that save later!

i have a modded xbox
i don't have the original game no more,so i can only play from hdd
i did use a trainer (inf health and money) at the start of the game (but xored seemed to cause 'loading freeze',so i turned it of before i left Peragus)
i have no add-ons or other modified gamefiles

i have noticed other strange errors as well, like:
- all of the sudden Kreia had lost her arm when i got to the Ebon Hawk the first time?? (how did that happend?)
- Darth Sion was suddenly just standing in front of the door when you enter the Harbinger from Peragus?? (cant talk to him or anything else)
- 2 blackscreens after loading to a new location on Peragus, think it was to one of those 'fuel-levels' and the other one came when i was at that 'reactor-level' where Atton locks the door behind you (i had to use another save and just skip that level and find a different way to reach Atton)
- many cutscenes/eventscenes seems to come in the wrong order/at the wrong time..and some cutsenes are not showing at all?

i hope someone can help!
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