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Originally Posted by RevanSithMaster
It's the Mods in the X-Box, more than likely, I'm not the X-Box modding expert.... I don't mod my X-box, nor my X-Box 360, so I don't know.... but if you want my opinion.... it is the Mods, like mods "corrupt" the PC version of the game

P.S. Welcome to the Forums......
thanks =)

by mods you think of add-on/modified game files,right?
well, i have no mods like that..
but if you think of the trainer as a mod, i did start a new game with no trainer but still there seems to be errors in the game..
its a great game,but i'm just getting more mad the more i get these errors
so i think i'll get kotor 2 for pc (at least it is easy to fix pc problems over xbox problems)

but still,kotor 2 is the only game i have played with so many i dont think its becasue i have a chip in my xbox,or because i used a trainer?
but hey, i dont know since i never had any problems like this :S

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