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IGF is accepting new members - and you can invite your friends!

Clan Name: Imperial Ground Forces (IGF)

We play SWBF2 and Jedi Academy (you're not required to play both if you don't have JA). We have nearly 150 active members and we follow a military structure to keep ourselves organized. Full set of ranks, officer positions, awards, and weekly Events, a Platoon Leader Training Program (if you ever decide to become an Officer), meetings every now and then (attendance optional) and multiple Servers.

If you're interested in having a look at our site, here it is:

If you decide to join, either follow the link from the main page, or choose "Enlist" from the left menu. Remember to set "IronLight" as your recruiter, and if you have questions about anything, drop me an email:

-General IronLight
Grand Moff: Gaming Division Commander of the Imperial Ground Forces
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