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Nar Shadaa bug

First off, i'm playing the xbox version of KotOR2.

I picked Nar Shadaa as my first planet to visit after Telos, and i have gotten up to a point where i cannot progress any further.

My main character enters the arena where the Exchange guy is betrayed by all the bounty hunters. It shows my character being zapped by all the guys, then before it switches to the scene with Mira and the Jedi, it has a quick flash of my character standing in a different room. This scene completes, then it shows Kreia talking to the wookie, after which it flashes back to my character in the room for a second and then pops up with the "all your party members are dead, hit A to load, B for menu etc." It then shows a scene with Mira talking to Atton but the "all your party members are dead box is still up, and i cannot select any dialoge options and have to reload.

I have tried going from a previous save, but the same keeps happening.

I even copied my savegame from my xbox to KotOR2 on my friend's PC, which loads fine, but when it gets to the end of kreia talking to the wookie i get a error window where it asks if i want to send the information/not send the information.

Is there any way to get around this? I'm not really in a position where i'm at all willing to start again.
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