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Bugs aside it's an okay game. I agree with the aforementioned length of the campaign mode, the second things look as though they are just starting to begin, it's suddenly over.

I was really hoping there would be new campaign storyís for the Empire and Rebellion as well - centred around the building of the Death Star 2 for example, sadly not though.

While it's fun spreading corruption with the Consortium, it's bloody annoying when your playing as the Empire or Rebels and it happens to you, every 2 seconds one of your buildings gets destroyed

The Executor was my biggest let down, It slows up your fleet way too much, and by the time you can get it anywhere near the action, the battle is over, because your TIES have destroyed everything. Also as everyone says, Darth Vaderís voice sounds ridiculous. I was also hoping for more control over the Death Star as well, but it's basically the same system as EaW, just with the added bonus that you can fire on ships with a special ability.

Not bad, but you got an impression of laziness on the part of the designers, and there really should have been more in it. I know technically it's just an add-on, but it is charged at the price of a stand-alone game.
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