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Originally Posted by mrsparkle

And being a bit of a purist I thought FOC was based way too much on expanded universe stuff. That's to be expected though. It's just that to me it was too much...I especially disliked the nightsisters who used lightsaber whips and rode rancors around. Wtf is that all about?
The Nightsisters were from an expended universe book, one I havenít read as yet, so I can't really comment on how realistic they were.

I do agree with you actually, they would be better off taking more from the movies and less from imagination/expanded universe. Personally I think it would have made more sense for the ZC to actually be the Black Sun - at least it fits in with cannon more, as opposed to just making something up, completely.

I didn't mind Thrawn been in it, as his trilogy are one of the few SW's expanded universe storyís I have enjoyed, Along with Shadows of the Empire - and despite the fact, he now looks and sounds like a weedy Trade Federation guy, it was nice to see Prince Xizor making an appearance in FoC. But the majority of SW's books, are either boring as hell, extremely poorly written or both - and I find it very hard to take them serious.
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