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Corellian Security Force

Clan Name: Corellian Security Force
Site: Introduction pages: Website:

Leader: NeoConker
Co Leaders: XO vote currently underway
Clan Email:

Story aboud your clan:
The Corellian Security Force was founded in October of 2006, as one of many "DJO clubs". The DJO (Dark Jedi Orginization) has been around since 1997, over-seeing some of online gaming's best clubs. Many of it's clubs have flourished and grown to hundreds of members, as is the hope for the future of the Corellian Security Force.
CSF has an open enlistment policy. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join. We are an active club, that plays war games with other clans and other members of CSF. To ensure the active members are not hindered, consistant activity is required by all members.
If you love Empire at War and/or it's expansion, Forces of Corruption, you will find a great place to play, chat, meet new friends, and find clubs for other games you enjoy in the DarkJedi Orginization, as a member of CSF.
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