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work was ok yesterday..

woke up at around 8am, made some cream of wheat...hadn't had it in a while, now im wondering why i even bought it, as oatmeal is much tastier. did about 100 pushups in around an hour, went over to my parents' to get my stupid tax bill as i left it there for my dad to look at...then i came back, my car about ran out of gas so i had to stop at the gas station and put what little change i had left on me into it...after that, i quick checked my transmission fluid, as i have a minor trans fluid leak, it was at the near-full mark so i didn't bother adding...gotta get oil changed, it's been over 5,000 miles since i last had that changed. Got home, worked out some more while listening to the edge radio off of shoutcast, then i made a turkey and swiss cheese sandwhich, and then i went to work.

Work wasn't so bad...the madness is subsiding, as most people are done w/their after-holiday returning/purchasing. Next "holiday" is valentines, and they already got the card out in the front. Dunno why we still call it valentine's day, as it never (as long as i've lived) has had anything to do with martyred christians.

So i ended up closing by myself last night, i got everything shut down in time, and was out of there 5 minutes early. came home and played WoW for a good 4 hours. I'm on Firetree as Draile. I'm an Orc Warrior.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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