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This is my first post here, but I've been reading this forum for a while and this thread was very useful to me while programming my mod, so it's time for me to contribute too

I have finally fixed the "speeder lag" bug ensiform talked about earlier in this thread (well, I think this is the same bug - and if it is, the code he provided didn't fix it). Here is exactly when it happens: you're for example the client 1, and you're a spectator following the client 0. The client 0 fires an event (like attacking, or jumping on a vehicle..) while you're watching him. You stop following him. He climbs on a vehicle, and this is when the bug happen: your view begins to shake/lag horribly when this player is in view (or almost) and on the vehicle. As soon as he gets off, your view comes back to normal.

The problem is client-side, and here is the reason: while you are following someone, you receive his events, which calls CG_CheckPlayerstateEvents with the address of cg.snap->ps in the first argument. So the "cent->playerState = ps;" line of this function replaces the cent's (here, client 0) playerState ADDRESS (which should always be in the cgSendPSPool array) with the ADDRESS of the snapshot's playerState. Now you can imagine what happens in CG_Player when the client 0 is attached to the vehicle: his playerState->origin is changed, which also changes the cg.snap->ps.origin, and your view is moved when it shouldn't. It's shaky simply because the cg.snap is alternatively in cg.activeSnapshots[0] and in cg.activeSnapshots[1], so sometimes the snapshot is not modified and the origin is correct.

To make it short: in cg_playerState.c in CG_CheckPlayerstateEvents, comment the line 242:

void CG_CheckPlayerstateEvents( playerState_t *ps, playerState_t *ops ) {

//JLF ADDED to hopefully mark events as player event
			//cent->playerState = ps;
I think it's ok to simply comment it, because it seems completely stupid, and the comment above (//JLF ADDED to hopefully mark events as player event) shows it was probably meant to be used on Xbox only (the JLF comments are often related to Xbox stuff). I didn't notice anything weird after commenting it, anyway.

Sorry for the long explanation for a so simple bugfix (1 line to comment, but it took me hours to find it), but I don't think it was obvious it was related to the bug described
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