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I am loyal to the Republic and the Empire. I mean, clone commander is ownage with the chaingun and the imperial troops look absolutely immense. The droids look like a bunch of gays and the rebels, especially on Tantive IV, Death Star, and space missions look like poofs. (ok, their blaster rifle looks good, but the rest of them are gay) Imperial and clone armour is the best. Oh yeah, and the dark trooper is also ownage.

P.S. The game is way imbalanced towards CIS, so if you can defeat the CIS as the republic at the highest level, then you are good. I mean, any noob can win as CIS. Their dropship is really annoying so I get a bomber and drop loads of bombs on it, it takes it out in a single load lol

All rebel insurrections and droid armies shall be crushed and the empire will restore peace and order to the galaxy!

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

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