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Wal*Mart: America's scourge on the national landscape... but sometimes it's a necessary evil...

Still doing laundry. Yup, my life is a regular laugh-a-minute thrill-fest! (or is it "Thrill-a-minute laugh-fest"? Both ways work, I guess... either way: it is festering...)

Been listening all afternoon to the internet radio station I set up a few years ago that I had just about completely forgotten about in recent years.

I'm sure none of you are the slightest bit interested, but here's the link to it anyway since I have nothing else going on at the moment:

I think I'm starting to feel better... just in time to go back to work. How fair is that? My weekend was totally wasted.

Oh well... I did manage to clog the in-boxes of a couple of unsuspecting individuals with massive attachments this weekend. That should prove entertaining when they go to open their e-mail the first time Monday morning. Heh heh heh...

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