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another boring day...did my 100 pushups, ate a little breakfast, headed to work, came home for lunch so i may need to risk an overdraft charge because gas is running kinda low, and i get payed thursday...not sure how long it takes for credit to go through. went back to work, and it was slow for 3 hours so i went home 15 mins early. played some WoW, got my warrior to level 8, logged off, and was browsing for info on the military police corps. now im gonna go to set my alarm for 6am, go to sleep, and do it all over again.

My knees are hurting aweful bad, glucosomine condroidant didnt' work so i'll have to go with the gluco sulfate one, as that worked. i read at wikipedia that that is made out of shells or something. weird.

hope my knees can heal up. This thursday, I think I'll buy myself a new pair of running shoes, and some pants for running. I need to get my body into shape before the end of march or i'll be a no-go for the military. then again, if the army doesn't accept me i'll just say **** it and go to the air force. I do think i'll be good to go for the army by beginning of april...but i'm not holding my breath, just going to do my best at getting back to full strength and see what i want to do by then.

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