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Originally Posted by Darth Aida
When i'm older i might be thinking of joining the army but not as a private maybe an officer.

FYI that requires college, just so ya know.

I feel the need to rant about women, that last sentence of mine just made me more annoyed.......bringing it back up that is......

I guess this time its really my gf more than women in general, the general overemotionalness is greatly shown by her.

Not that I am that upset that she didnt leave home early, she had her reasons initally, then was stuck with it mostly and couldnt change her mind. She decided later she didnt wanna go re-see some of her fam before she left(she has really annoying younger cousins) but her mom went ahead and made plans for all of them a week in advance. really its the gf's fault for deciding so late and planning so poorly ahead, and she knew right away she wanted to avoid not seeing each other so much over break. but planned to not stop to see me anyways, 4 weeks ago. I just said whatever its up to you then and still do......but reserve my right to bitch about not seeing other as it was her choice not mine, I drove up to her place last week for new years and spent a fairly large amount of $$$ to do so.

so I calmly explained that us not seeing other this weekend was her choice, I simply coulnt afford to drop tons of cash on food and gas again with my brothers wedding out of state in 2 weeks, me taking her with and paying for it.....

Plus, if would be silly to drive 2.5 hours up there just to leave yesterday and have her drive past my ****ing house today on her way to school. Giant waste of gas and gas money.

This was an epiphany to her, that us not seeing eachother this weekend is mostly due to a choice she conciously made a month ago without remotely thinking of the reprocussions of it at all. She has very little ability to plan anything ahead while considering outside circumstances and its ill effects, which is why I had to plan out our new years 3 different times because 'confiicts' that have alway existed in her schedule came to mind at odd times, that should have been layed out before I bothered to plan it out. Then proceded to make plans for us contrary to the schedule already lined up so some of the previous plans had to be cancelled. Its really her only flaw, planning and thinking ahead, its just awful. luckily it doesnt happen often at all I guess. but it really makes planning things ahead awful for me becuase its almost pointless. We talked about taking a vacation over spring break pretty seriously and had mentioned places and I looked at costs, only to have her tell her mom she planned to be home over spring break while I was there, cuz she had forgot we were making plans..........but she wants to go over the summer, I'll try and wait to plan this until she tells her mom she'll be home for every major weekend that we could vacation for the summer so I dont do work for no reason prolly. Having to reserve your gf's time and constantly remind her that she cant make those plans is annoying I guess, its mostly with her mom, which I wouldnt usualyl complain about, except her and her mom fight alot, and mom keeps telling her we dont have a very serious relationship and that it prolly wont last, this has been since we spoke of anything serious around her at 7 months, and the end of month 12 is 3 weeks away. Coming from a woman that got married at 18, divored at 40, and married the only guy she dated since the divorce, who is kind of a prick, a great relationship advisor............

but she has a weekness to tell her mom she will do what she wants to avoid fights, the other end of this is that she has to beg her mom to LOAN her money to pay bills so she can go to school she got her tuition paid for by securing a scholoarship for tuition, which her mom wouldnt help with, and has to beg for help for rent/bills/tuition. I put the gas in her tank to see me when she drives to see me, pay for meals etc so that her having a bf basically has no impact on her basically emtpy wallet, and her mom still says things about not seeing me if she doesnt have the money even though she knows I bankroll the trips.

Sometimes peoples ****ed up families just really miff me, I have a very veyr stable family life, hell, after a fight witha landlord my parents told me to just move home and ditch the lease, and are now telling me to NOT move out knowing I am paying off a loan from school too, to save money from rent and use it to pay off school, and use to go back and get job qualifications. Her mom wants her to move home after school she says, but treats her like crpa most of the time she is home because she infringes on her life with her new husband, who treats my gf like ****. I guess I am spoiled as **** on that side of the deal so most everyone elses family looks awful or something, atleast with the girls I date. She acts even worse when I am around, the step dad talks to me far more than the mom ever does.

but thats my rant, my disclaimer is that really my gf doesnt piss me off that much, its just been fairly repressed and I miss her, and her mom gets on my nerves and jammed her nose in our business alot last weekend. And once i get going......its hard to stop.

but yes, so when I told her that in fact we didnt see each other because she decided we werent going to weeks ago, she got really upset and started crying, even though I was very clear that I was upset, and that I am not mad, but that she decided to leave when she did and she didnt do anything at all this weekend but bitch to me that she was bored, she could have gotten everything done to come back to school saturday, if not earlier, becuase she was bored all week she said too, calling me like 8 times a day at work to say hi and chit chat, then should could have tried to do the crap with her mom saturday instead and left sunday, or been ready to go sunday at 3 when she got done getting manicures with her mom and aunt and left, but she decided to watch 35 hours of TLC reruns, and thats cool its her vacation, but she made the choice, she started crying and apolozing and saying she was really sad and blah blah blah.

I'm probably a bad person for that, cuz I knew that was the likely outcome, but she wanted to know why I was 'being a grouch'

I also apologize for the poor flow that probably exists, I had to stop and do stuff a few times since I am work reintalling a machine, and the stupid input box is too small to really re-read it for clarity w/o posting it first
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