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Well I admit, critiques that I have made in the past haven't really been helpful to the writer, since all I've been saying is, "Good Chapter, looking foward to more."

Obviously this doesn't help the writer and it makes the reviewer lazy. I admit that I said what I said, because I was too lazy to read, so I do a quick read and if it looked okay, I thought it looked fine. What I think would help writers with their Fics would be to write it like a review, saying what you liked about it, what you didn't like about it and if you could improve in any way. For example, I struggle with writing good battle scenes, while some people can do that easily. If I was struggling with writing a particular scene, I would like members to give me advice about it and give me examples of how to improve.

I hope this all helps and shouldn't this be in the Resource Centre? Thanks for making this Thread Jae.

I thought about putting it in the RC, but since not everyone in CEC goes to the RC, and I wanted this to be easily seen by people who come here, I decided to keep it here in CEC instead. Thanks, Jae
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