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Complaints about the AI

I guess this is the age old complaint about playing an intelligence that is mere clockwork without the spark of human creativity.

Unfortunately my internet conenction at home is not really fast enough to play this game online in galactic conquest, besides it would take weeks to play a proper game.
What I jsut dont get though, is why the AI for the Empire and the Rebellion, rarely builds star destroyers or calamari cruisers.

The Empire should be building fleets of ISD's and one or two SSD's. But Whjile I already have about 4 keldabe battleships playing as the ZC the biggest the rebels and imperials have are assault frigates and victory cruisers respectively.
They will attack my bases with large fleets of these, but they just dont have the punch to properly assault my big space stations.

I want a challenge!
Someone come over and play with me!

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