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Legacy of the Force Sacrifice First Look:

To bring peace and order to a galaxy at war, Jacen Solo will sacrifice anything -- or anyone. Now the moment of choice is at hand...

Or rather, will be at hand this May with the release of Sacrifice, the fifth book in the Legacy of the Force series from Del Rey Books. There's many reasons to dive into this hardcover release, not the least of which is the engrossing saga of Jacen Solo which continues to move the decorated hero into the role of Dark Lord of the Sith. This book will reveal Jacen's Sith name, which fans will help determine through an online poll later this month!

Here's a first look at Sacrifice, with cover illustration by Jason Felix and design by David Stevenson. The book is by best-selling author Karen Traviss, one of the three authors (along with Aaron Allston and Troy Denning) contributing to the Legacy of the Force story arc. Fans know Traviss from her popular Republic Commando novels. Also this year, readers can look forward to a third book in the Republic Commando series, True Colors, slated for an August 2007 release in paperback.

Here's a list of the titles in the Legacy of the Force series. Sacrifice is currently scheduled to hit bookstores on May 22, 2007.

Book 1: Betrayal by Aaron Allston (June 2006, Hardcover)
Book 2: Bloodlines by Karen Traviss (September 2006, Paperback)
Book 3: Tempest by Troy Denning (December 2006, Paperback)
Book 4: Exile by Aron Allston (March 2007, Paperback)
Book 5: Sacrifice by Karen Traviss (May 2007, Hardcover)
Book 6: Inferno by Troy Denning (September 2007, Paperback)
Book 7: Fury by Aaron Allston (November 2007, Paperback)
Book 8: by Karen Traviss (March 2008, Paperback)
Book 9: by Troy Denning (June 2008, Hardcover)

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