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Hey good to hear that people are still intersted in playing Jedi knight
and mysteries of the sith.

Ok let me give you all some input on whats going on.
Me and some friends Kurgan,Andrew,Chris,Matt,Nick
have been playing jedi knight and Mysteries of the sith
just about everyweek. Usually on the weekends and have been
doing this for months. So we are welcoming anyone interested in
playing to come join us.

Now to answer some questions

Maarten: All that you need to play is just Jedi knight installed to
play with us. Me and some others usually just play on the regular
maps installed. Now if we do decide to play Mysteries of the
Sith you have to have that installed as well.
But as for needing anything you just need the game installed on your
computer. If me and my friends decide to play on some
modded map or use some mod We will let people know.

Unlife: glad that you showed interest I will PM you for yor info and
hope to play with you soon

The Force is strong with this one!
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