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Hello people!

This place is a life saver! Ever since I reinstalled Jedi Knight this morning and started frantically downloading multiplayer levels I was wondering what had happened to all the Old School Jedi Knight players! It's no surprise they would be scarce since it's an old game but it's a shame to let all the good custom material for this game go to waste! Nice to see you people still around!

Anyway, here are my specifications! I'm originally "NF Saberist" but I'll do the whole "Sha-bang"! I don't usually use mods but I'm up for it! My favorite level at the moment is Drazen Isle and I have all BFP2 packs all the way to 2x! Just give me a list of all the mods you guys play and I'll be more than happy to download them. I'm just about to download the patch commander! Feel free to message me anytime when I'm online.

Man, does this bring back nostalgic feelings... Seems like yesterday hard to believe that 7 years have already passed since I last played this game to the extreme. By the way do you have any idea where I can still purchase this game online? I going to want to get other friends into this for as long as I can. Well, that's it for my explosion of verbal diarrhea. See you guys on the battlefield. Peace out!

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