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[K1] Lost modules - PLCaa, MQATester, and M25ab

Apologies for not uploading these sooner, forgot about them for a while...

Click Here, and then click on '3lostmodules.7z' without the quotes to download.

OR Download both these and the Czerka and Tatooine Temple modules at DeadlyStream.

For those that aren't modders/don't know, you put the .mod files into your modules folder

The other files are for use in modding.

PLCaa contains some bizarre room animations, while I think MQAtester must have been used to show off the engine's versatility at E3 or somesuch...What the MQA stands for I have no idea...M25ab, is, of course, the cut bit of the Shadowlands from Kashyyyk




Mods Released
That's what Control said.

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