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Rules - Please Read!

Welcome to the new General Forum Games section of the Community Discussion forums. This forum is for all those silly little games that I know so many of you like to play. So to keep things orderly, a few ground rules...
  • All game-type threads are to be posted here. This includes all variations of 'User above you', 'Kjo Round' and all other such nonsense.
  • Only one thread per game type is allowed to be open at any given time. We cannot have multiple instances of word association threads or 'user above you' threads.
  • Keep it clean. This is a family forum; as such, posts with overly violent and/or sexual content are prohibited. Any such posts in violation of this rule will be summarily deleted and the poster given a warning.
  • This forum does not add to your post count.

All that being said, have at it.
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