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Cool Guy The Freedom Clan -)(FC)(-

im -)(FC)(Darkmaster)(FC)(- if you want to join the Freedom Clan go to [url]
About, we are a can that prefer a players freedom, if you play on battlefront 2 you can glitch! and even get admin commands, you sign up on our webpage
our clan goes to war, has its own tournement and has its own server!
and we do not tolerate people who say dont use force n00b's!
this clan is mainly for swbf2 and swjk2jo but we also play age of mythology, age of empires 2 and quake 3 arena!
All you have to do is leave a comment on our comment board (follow the instructions on the page) then email me, or leave your email on the comment board!

we hope to see you in our clan

From -)(FC)(Darkmaster)(FC)(-

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