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How to:Making tough boss-like NPCs

I'm an NPC creator. And all the time I've been trying to make tough NPCs that are a challenge for me to fight (without speed and protect).

But all the time I end up making an NPC that runs around me like a roadrunner and they kind of suck.

But I've finally figured out how to make a good boss type NPC.

1.Having level 5 stats isn't always better, Desann has a 3 in move I think so he doesn't act like a superball on you instead of using brute force

2.Always keep the runspeed at what Raven put, trust me, if it's higher they'll be easy to beat

3.All bosses have a distinct advantage which makes them tough at a boss-level.

Desann:500 HP, Huge saber, Desann style

Alora:500 HP, Dual sabers, Special abilities

Tavion staff:450 HP, staff

Tavion Possesed:Huge sword, force powers

Kyle boss:Enhanced force powers, melee attacks, parry bonuses, 300 HP

Rax Joris:Concussion rifle, 300 HP

4.Think about how you want your NPC to move and attack, then pick the NPC class carefully (saberist classes below)

Shadowtrooper:Use this if you want them to fight like a Reborn Master

Reborn:Basic dark Jedi class, good for fights where entourage participates

Alora:Specializes in duals, if wielding duals gives NPCs her special abilities

Tavion:Err, specializes in tavion style?

Kyle:Your all around good fighter

Desann:Uses lightning more effeciently, uses more brute force

Luke:More finnese based, it's a very good fighting class, if you put your NPC together right

Jedi:Basic light Jedi class, good for entourage fights

Well, I hope that helps with making tough bosses somewhat.

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