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As far as I know, there is absolutely no modules of Sleheyron planet. In fact, all that exists in game (cut or not) are just some referrers in dialogues. Seems that Bioware didn't have the time to even start the planet, or chose not to. In any case, there are absolutely no Sleheyron modules I've ever heard of. We know what was supposed to be on the planet, however. It was going to be a vulcanic planet, probably industrial, ruled by Hutts.
In TSL's "Fuel for Telos" quest it was mentioned by Vogga the Hutt that the fuel will be transferred from Sleheyron. I kind of expected Obsidian will include Sleheyron in TSL, but it never happened. Well, I'm getting far from topic. I already answered the question - no, no modules I've ever heard of.

P.S. Who knows what is "PLCaa" module... Might be something from Sleheyron, might not be. At least doesn't look similar to anything I've seen in KOTOR.
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